问:Relationship between the carbon fiber an

答: Carbon fiber-containing resin and therefore it can be said acid. However, carbon fibers, should give more consideration to internal factors, it is therefore the possibility of resin with a resin aging exists. Should avoid sunlight, and sunlight affect the temperature of the environment to its maximum carbon fibers bike is not used. Relationship between titanium and the environment Excellent corr...

问:What are the advantages of Carbon fiber

答: Carbon fiber frame is characterized by a "light, steel is good, good shock absorption," however, charge Points exhibits excellent properties of carbon fiber, it seems not so easy technically, the quality of the carbon fiber material differences between the manufacturers as well. Bicycle manufacturers consider the cost issue, unlikely to be used to produce high-grade carbon fiber frame. Despite th...

问:Relations fatigue of carbon fiber and me

答: Metal fatigue Production of the bicycle frame material chromium molybdenum steel, aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber and the like. Which used to produce the thinnest tube is chrome-molybdenum steel frame. Its workability is good, cheap materials, Riding feeling good, but it must be made of thin-walled tubes, thin-walled tube there is such a high tensile strength and workability. Strength chrome-mo...

问:What is a carbon fiber bike?

答: Carbon fiber bike mainly high-end racing bikes, as a new material, carbon fiber is mainly used in the frame (carbon frame), fork, wheel set (carbon knife rims) and the like.

问:What is carbon fiber?

答: Carbon fiber not only has inherent intrinsic properties of the carbon material, and both soft workability textile fibers. It accounted for less than a quarter of the steel, but the strength is very strong. And its outstanding corrosion resistance, is a new generation of reinforcing fibers. Carbon fibers are widely used in civilian, military, construction, aerospace and super sports cars.
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